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We offer a large selection of outdoor lighting to suit all environments from the traditional home to the newest contemporary property. Our outdoor lighting extends from traditional style lanterns, patio lights and wall lights to bollards, deck lights, drive over lights and wall washers.

Not only do we stock a vast selection of lighting options but there are the added features of PIRs or low energy outdoor lighting. Although some low energy outdoor lighting can seem a little more expensive at the time of purchase this is outweighed by the bulbs life span, making low energy lamps a much more cost effective option in the long run. These added features will enable you to plan your external lighting requirements whilst still taking into consideration safety and environmental concerns.

External lighting is used for many different purposes.

  • Lighting can be added to your patio or decking to to illuminate outdoor seating. Use a combination of patio lights, decking lights, wall lights and lamposts and make the most of warm summer evenings.
  • You can highlight interesting areas of the garden such as sculptures or graceful trees with spot lighting or light up parts of the building's exterior.
  • It is also used for safety - both to light up areas where people need to gain access and for home security purposes.

Drive in entrances and pedestrian pathways can be illuminated using external lights which are operated by PIRs otherwise known as “Passive Infra Reds”. These are activated by people/cars/animals passing close by, triggering a sensor which turns the light on.

There is a selection of outdoor lights with built in PIR's. Most electricians however prefer to fit separate PIRs to lights so that they can be sited in more specific areas. For home security you may want to fit a timer to your exterior lights, allowing you to control when the lights come on. This is of particular benefit when you are away from the property for a lengthy period.

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