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Contemporary Italian Lighting - The Lighthouse
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Contemporary Italian Lighting

Synonymous with beauty and quality, contemporary Italian lighting or traditional style Italian interior lights will transform any environment. Our individually, handcrafted pieces reflect classic Venetian design or ultra modern styling to blend perfectly with your chosen theme. Each inspirational piece with its attention to detail will enhance any area of your home as it bathes the room in light and warmth.

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Fashioned by master craftsmen, Italian lighting uses only the finest materials. Ancient glass and metalworking techniques are employed and special attention is paid to the outer finish, leading to an awe inspiring and individual creation. Whether used as an eye catching centre-piece or as elegant subdued lighting, a piece from the Italian Lighting range is sure to enhance any environment.

In the Italian lighting range we sell chandeliers, pendants, table lamps, standard lamps and wall lights by Metal Lux.

Metal Lux who's motto is' total reliability' have been producing light fittings since 1976. Their constant aim is product innovation and using state-of-the-art technologies alongside time-honoured glass and metal working techniques, together with a guarantee of accurate and well-timed service, they have repeatedly delivered on each of these edicts.

Light is a vital energy that influences how we feel and live. The soul of light takes shape in the LUCECREA collections, which enhance rooms, creating luminous wrap-around atmospheres.

Italian lighting brings traditional and contemporary designs to life. Whether using wrought iron designs formed by masters over generations, or freeform malleable metals to create your own personal design, Italian lighting affords you a choice of different finishes, metals and glassware, of an exemplary quality.

Bespoke pieces of lighting art are available on request .

Contemporary Italian Lighting - Click here to shop

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