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Contemporary Interior Lighting for Hallways, Landings and Corridors


Contemporary Indoor Lighting for Hallways, Landings and Corridors

Lighting Small Spaces

The majority of hallways, landings and corridors tend to be narrow spaces so ensuring that your lighting does not protrude too much is a major consideration when choosing styles for these areas.

Wall washers work well here as they fit close to the wall and give a very subtle effect. Check out our super-stylish LED wall washers available online now, which throw the light in several directions. These not only provide the required lighting levels but also add a stunning feature to the space.

For areas with limited height, the best ceiling lights are recessed spots or flush fittings as they provide great lighting and don't crowd the space.

Larger Areas

If you have a large stairwell you can make a feature of it with an impressive pendant or lantern. This looks extra special if you have a window on the landing enabling you to see the feature from outside.

Or if you are lucky enough to have a sweeping staircase in your entrance hall why not choose a grand chandelier.

Crystal fittings will add sparkle to your home if placed in front of a window as they pick up the suns rays creating dancing patterns of light.


A light hung in a stair well or balustrade balcony creates a dramatic effect. However, do consider practicalities such as changing bulbs and cleaning. When hanging fittings in this area always make sure access to the fitting is easy and safe.

If you want to leave a hallway light on all night, think about using fittings that take low energy bulbs as these will considerably reduce your energy consumption.

If you can see first floor ceiling lights from downstairs it may look better if matching styles of fittings are chosen so they naturally lead on from one to another.

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