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Contemporary Modern Lighting - For Bedrooms


Contemporary Modern Lighting - Bedroom Lighting

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There are several forms of lighting used in a modern bedroom. The main source is usually a central pendant which is married with fixed wall lights either side of a headboard or lamps positioned on bedside tables.

If the central fitting is above the bed it may be able to come down a little lower than a fitting that is walked under.

It is important to ensure there is enough light in the room when dressing and putting on make-up. We stock some wonderful mirrors with built in lights to increase the light levels at source enabling you to pay close attention to detail.

Table lamps add the versatility of allowing an individual to read without putting the main light on in the room. These can be wired to a switch beside the bed, thus eliminating the fiddly hunting for switches in the dark.

Touch lamps are a great option for bedside table lamps as they usually have three settings so can be left on low as a background light for a child or the elderly or be simply touched on to full beam for reading. When finished with by simply touching the base they turn off.

If fitting wall lights there are several options available which have directional arms so can be angled for reading or close work, this leaves bedside table free for other items.

Another alternative in the bedroom is to add a ceiling fan. These can be installed with or without lights and are a godsend in these increasingly hot summers. Fans and lights can be switched separately so you can use one or other or both and if this is connected to a switch by the bed or a remote control, you wont have to get out of bed to operate it.

For bedrooms occupied by children who are afraid of the dark, it is a good idea to set the main lighting feature on a dimmer switch, this gives you the ability to lower the lighting to a very subtle level making your child feel secure.

Alternatively there are some clever LED lights which can be fixed into the ceiling to give the effect of little stars. These run at a low temperature and low light levels and are therefore inexpensive to leave on. Leds come in several colours from white to blue green or ever changing multi-colours making a room funky and a fun place for children to hang out. Why not add some LED strips around the base of the bed transforming it into a spaceship or a magic carpet!!

Contemporary Modern Lighting - click here to shop

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