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Contemporary Indoor Lighting - Kitchens


Contemporary Indoor Lighting - Kitchens

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The kitchen is a main focal point in the home. It is often a place where the family relaxes together whilst cooking, eating and entertaining friends.

The lighting chosen for this room must must adequately illuminate work surfaces to ensure safe working conditions. Additionally kitchen tables, breakfast bars and any other seating areas will all require careful lighting selection to fulfil the different functions they are used for.

The most popular way of lighting a kitchen is to use recessed spots which are available in various finishes so can complement the appliances in the kitchen. Recessed spots are available in various designs and some can be positioned in different directions. This enables you to direct the light to specific areas giving pools of light where required.

Spots can be either mains voltage or low voltage and are usually fitted with GU10 bulbs. If you choose low voltage lights remember to purchase correct transformers to go with the fitting.

You can run several fittings using one transformer but it is important to check its capacity. It actually works better to install one transformer per light. This is because if you have a number of fittings using one transformer, and a bulb blows, it will add more stress to the remaining fittings. This may cause these other bulbs to blow also. Installing a one on one system does not affect the other lights and in the long run works out more cost effective.

It is also important to check the quality of the fittings as there is a big difference available in the market place. Die-cast fittings are a good choice, also consider if you require a fire rated fitting. If you do, make sure they comply with the current fire regulations (BS475:Part21:1987). These usually come with a fire proof sleeve and will need a little more space for the cut out.

If you do not have the available ceiling space to recess spots, track lights are a good surface mounted alternative. Surface mounted track lights are also available in mains or low voltage options and again, low voltage tracks will require a transformer per track.

Different track sizes from 1, 2 or 3 metre lengths are available and can be joined using L Joiners, T joiners or couplers to increase track runs further. For the lights, you can choose different designs of spots which click into position anywhere along the track. This gives you the flexibility of directing the light to where it is most needed. It also enables you to add additional lights as required.

If you want to add lighting close to worktops, under cupboard lights are an excellent choice as they are discretely hidden and will not cast a shadow onto the working area. Under cupboard lights also add to the ambience of the room. They can be switched on as a feature, separate to the main lighting, to subtly illuminate the kitchen in an evening.

Finally if you want to draw attention to certain areas of the kitchen, such as the table, suspend a beautiful drop pendant above it. Take a look at the French rise and fall pendants available in both contemporary and modern designs. Or go for an Elstead blown glass pendant. These are very contemporary and are available in either white or amber glass. The Metal Lux Italian pendant range will also create a special wow factor used in this area.

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