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Get to know your lighting styles – guide to Italian, French, Spanish, Contemporary and Traditional Lighting


Italian Lighting

Italian lighting comes in all forms from the contemporary to the more traditional. Here at Inspiring Lights we stock contemporary Italian lighting by Metal Lux – including Italian chandeliers, pendants, table lamps, standard lamps and wall lights.

Contemporary Italian lighting and traditional Italian interior lights create the perfect setting and can transform any environment. From classic Venetian designs to ultra modern stylings, our beautiful Italian range will compliment any interior décor.

The Italian’s flair for design is as prevalent in their lighting as it is in their clothing and shoes.  Whenever Italian designers are called upon to design or create something, they do so with panache, instantly transforming it from the utilitarian to the exquisitely detailed.

Synonymous with quality and style, Italian interior lights will transform any environment. Our individually, handcrafted pieces exude classic Venetian design and attention to Italian detail, reflecting your chosen theme perfectly. Each inspired piece will enhance any area of your home as it bathes the room in its warming glow.

The craftsmen behind our Italian lighting pieces use only the very finest of materials to create their masterpieces. Glass and metalworking techniques from a bygone age are employed and special attention is paid to every detail making each piece, as beautiful and original as possible. Whether an eye catching centre-piece like the Amleto 10 light chandelier or an elegant side light like the Opera table lamp, a piece from the Italian Lighting range is sure to enhance any environment.

Metal Lux, the company that manufactures these beautiful Italian lighting pieces, has been producing quality light fittings since 1976. They are constantly chasing innovation and utilising state-of-the-art technologies, alongside time-honoured, classical glass and metal working techniques.

Italian lighting brings traditional and contemporary designs together with exemplary quality. Whether using wrought iron or a free form, malleable metal to create a very personal design, Italian lighting affords an unrivalled choice of finishes in metals and glassware.

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French Lighting

Inspiring Lights sell beautiful antique French lighting by Ryckaert. Pieces include antique brass and glass pendant lights, antique brass rise and fall pendants, French gold and wood directional spots and brushed nickel rise and fall pendants.

Not as well known as some of the more popular lighting designers such as Bella Figura, Impex and Dar, Ryckaert’s style is classical, concentrating on simple elegance. The range includes pendants, lamps and spotlights for the kitchen, living room, dining room and study. Much of the Ryckaert range of contemporary interior lighting is designed using brass, nickel or a gold/yellow metal finish and this works well in both the modern and traditional style home.

Brass, gold and other yellow metals contrast well against heavy dark wood panelling and furnishings in Oak, Mahogany, Cherry or Teak, so if your dining room or lounge are finished in this way, these French lighting styles will suit your room sets perfectly. The silvery white of nickel compliments the lighter colours of Pine and Light Oak as well as painted or stained woods  so lighting fixtures created from nickel will certainly enhance these room sets.

French Lighting – click here to browse our French Lights

Spanish Lighting

Inspiring Lights sell beautiful Spanish lighting by Newtra. The Newtra range is arty with stylish chandeliers, table lamps and wall lights. It utilises coloured glass and modern, twisting shapes in brightly polished chrome.

At Inspiring Lights, we are delighted to offer the contemporary and stunning range of Spanish “Newtra” lighting - including the ultra stylish “Lumen” range also from Spain. Each Newtra and Lumen light fitting is made to exacting standards and these excellent ranges consist of contemporary glass chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, pendant light shades and wall lights.

Both the Newtra range and the Lumen range of Spanish lighting feature contemporary designs to suit the modern home with each light fitting utilising the latest G9 super bright Halogen capsule lamps. These lights look simply beautiful and will brighten up any dining room, hallway or kitchen.

Spanish Lighting – click here to browse our Spanish Lights

Contemporary Lighting

Inspiring Lights offer a wonderful selection of contemporary lighting from many different parts of Europe. We have an extensive range of lighting with different styles from Italy, Spain and France. These individually hand crafted pieces, reflect the classic European stylings of today and merge them, seamlessly with the styles of a bygone era, producing interesting pieces

Contemporary lighting will transform any living or working environment. Our individually, handcrafted pieces reflect designs from the classical to the ultra modern, blending them perfectly with your chosen theme. Each inspirational piece with its attention to detail will enhance any area of your home as it bathes the room in light and warmth.
Fashioned by craftsmen from all over western Europe, our contemporary lighting uses only the finest materials. Ancient glass, metal and wood turning techniques are employed and special attention is paid to every finish, leading to the creation of unique lighting works of art. Whether used as an eye catching centre-piece or as elegant subdued lighting, a piece from our contemporary lighting range is sure to enhance any environment.
We offer a wide range of contemporary designer lighting for every area of your home, from beautiful modern chandelier and matching wall lights, to state of the art bathroom and kitchen fittings. Elegant and contemporary lighting will add that special finishing touch to any room whether through the addition of crystal, glass or colour.
Modern contemporary lighting gives you the option of low energy light bulbs. These not only look great but also help the environment. Light-Emitting Diode or (LED) lighting which is often used in a contemporary lighting scheme, runs at a low temperature and the best quality bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours.

Contemporary Lighting – click here to browse our Contemporary Lights

Traditional Lighting

Our traditional lighting range consists of traditional chandeliers, traditional antique style lighting, traditional wall lights, traditional pendant lighting, traditional outdoor lighting and traditional lantern ranges. But what is traditional lighting?

Traditional lighting is defined by those images that instantly spring to mind whenever someone mentions lighting. A standard lamp for example, will immediately conjure a picture of a light bulb standing atop a tall, slim, fluted wooden plinth standing on a circular wooden base. This will probably feature a large velvety fabric lamp shade, possibly with tassels.

Another example of traditional lighting is conjured immediately when wall lights are mentioned. These may follow the pattern of the standard lamp with two, much smaller fabric shades in the same style again, with or without tassels. Still another example of traditional lights might be those made of crystal in the form of chandeliers. Traditional lighting it could be said, is anything you have gotten used to or grown up with. It tends to be more ornate, mimicking the style of previous decades. Styles will of course vary from country to country and will change over time but this type of lighting can work well in a wide range of homes. Typical examples of traditional style lighting within the home include brass lamps, colonial style light fittings, brass, nickel and gold pendant lights, standard lamps and decorative chandeliers, often paired with wall lights of the same style.

Traditional lighting in the workplace will be different, here you are more likely to come across fluorescent lighting and task lighting or spot lights. These forms of lighting have really found their niche in the commercial sector since they have had to be more functional than stylish. Lately however we are seeing a cross over between the two, as stylish shops and restaurants strive to promote more of a homely feel. Spot lights and task lighting is prettier now than it has ever been and fluorescent tubes although still widely used are now cunningly disguised, producing less glare and a more comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

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