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An A to Z of Lighting


Bella Figura

Bella Figura is one of the UK’s top manufacturers and suppliers of fine decorative lighting. Famed for its mix of classical and contemporary styles Bella Figura has been a resource for designers, architects and hotels around the world for over 25 years.

Carlos Remes

From interior designer to retailer and from shop keeper to home owner, Carlos Remes lamp bases will appeal to everyone. They are produced and hand painted in factories and potteries from around the world and brought to the uk where they are tested to British Standards and distributed.


Chandeliers can bring true elegance and style to any room. Catching the sun, the many facets of cut glass or crystal will send showers of multi-coloured light to all corners of a room creating a truly dazzling display. This wondrous effect aside, chandeliers can look absolutely stunning and form the focal point of a room. Consideration must however, be given to the size of the room. An overly large chandelier will swallow up a room and one that is too small will also look out of place. Get the sizing right though and your chandelier will be a real showpiece.

Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary lighting can range from anything from a beautiful modern chandelier with matching wall lights, to state of the art bathroom and kitchen fittings. Elegant and contemporary lighting will add that certain special touch to any room of the house, whether your lampshades are of crystal, glass or coloured fabric. We offer a wide range of stunning contemporary lighting from some of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers.

Crystal Lighting

Crystal lighting can be a joy behold. As with the chandelier, crystal lighting can split light into all the colours of the rainbow, playing these colours onto walls and ceilings and creating wonderful dancing patterns in the process. Wall mounted crystal lighting and/or crystal table lamps may be just the thing if you love the look of crystal but perhaps don’t have the room in your home for a large chandelier.

Drop Pendants

Drop pendants are a great way to bring a light source closer to where it is needed. They are available with varying lengths of cable and can be extended or shortened at will. These are perfect for close work at a table, the children’s homework or reading and can be lifted for dining. They are also ideal for use in rooms with particularly high ceilings.

Elstead Lighting

Elstead Lighting specialise in quality traditional light fittings. They are a leading supplier of Norlys, Sil Lux, Garden Zone, and Lui’s Collection. Established for nearly forty years and  held in high regard for the design and quality of its products, Elstead currently offer one of the largest ranges of decorative and functional lighting in the UK.  All Elstead lighting products are made to the highest standards and most are hand-finished in Hampshire.  Elstead supply products of outstanding quality and appearance matched with levels of service unrivalled by any other. Elstead offer a diversity of range and finish to cater for virtually every home and garden lighting requirement.

French Lighting
We have an excellent selection of French lighting by Ryckaert. From beautiful brass French lamps, to French antique-style pendant lighting, all our quality light fittings will add that especially French, finishing touch to your home. Ryckaert’s style is classically simple and elegant, the range includes pendants, lamps and spotlights for the kitchen, living room, dining room and study. Many of the Ryckaert lights are designed using brass, nickel or a gold metal finish and will work well in both modern and traditional style homes.

Flush Light Fittings

Flush light fittings are those designed to fit flush to the wall or ceiling. They are particularly useful in areas or rooms that are restricted in height. They are very useful in kitchens and bathrooms for example, since they will not harbour dirt and grease and can be easily cleaned.


We stock a comprehensive range of traditional, contemporary and classic decorative lighting products by Impex Lighting. The range includes ceiling lights, floorlamps, desk lamps, tablelamps, wall lights and lighting accessories. We have brought together some of the best designs from the UK and offer them alongside a wide selection of fittings sourced from some of the best light designers in the world.

Italian Lighting

It seems that whatever the Italians touch, they want to design and beautify. This is as true of their lighting as it is of their cars and clothing. Italian lighting designs, whether traditional or contemporary are true   masterpieces. Our range of individually, handcrafted pieces will transform any environment, reflecting classic Venetian design or ultra modern Milan styling to blend perfectly with your chosen theme.  Time honoured  glass and metalworking techniques are used to great effect and special attention is paid to the outer finish to create inspirational and individual pieces.


The Kyoto range is a stunning collection of energy saving bathroom and exterior rated light fittings in brushed and silver chrome and stainless steel. The ultra modern designs, even of their chandelier type light fittings, are awe inspiring to say the least. Many of the designs have a space age feel which in enhanced by the colour of the materials used. It’s not all 21st century stuff though; there are some more traditional designs and colours in the range too.


Lampshades come in all shapes and sizes, from the very short to the very tall and from the very fat to the very thin. They also come in a vast array of different materials including fabrics, metals, plastics and paper. You will rarely see a table lamp, floor lamp or standard lamp without a lampshade of some kind to enhance its appearance and in many cases these adornments will be made of the same colour material as the upholstery on a sofa or curtains to help tie in the décor.


Lanterns can be used both inside and outside the home (as long as they have the correct Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Lanterns are generally suspended from ceilings with ornate chains or disguised flex. They will make a grand entrance even grander and they look great in reception halls. Often angular and glass paned they look very impressive and make an attractive focal point.


Period homes are increasing in popularity all the time as more and more people discover the joys of antique styling and look to refurbish their houses in-keeping with the designs of yesteryear. Limehouse specialise in traditional bespoke lighting from the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian eras. The traditional lighting they produce, recreates these antique styles exactly.  All Limehouse pieces are handmade, using solid brass and copper and then finished by hand.

Low Energy Lighting

Using less than 20% of the energy of a normal light bulb, low energy lighting can last for anywhere from 6000 to 15000 hours, a lot longer that the average, normal light bulb which has a life expectancy of 1000 hours. This is reason enough to use them throughout the home but then, when you consider the effect this will have on your carbon footprint as well, the reasons become all the more compelling. Low energy light fittings are available for both inside and outside the home and come in a wide range of attractive styles.

Metal Lux

For the past 30 years, Metal Lux has been creating stylish Italian lighting to grace homes both nationally and internationally and we are delighted to present their beautiful range of designer lighting. The company was founded by three brothers whose passion for lighting and technical excellence has seen them through 3 decades of change in style and fashion and in preferred materials. Metal Lux  now has a solid presence in the Italian and international markets and intends to strengthen its presence in the European markets with young and innovative products.

Newtra offer a range of bright chrome lighting pieces from Spain that will lend a touch of modern art and luxury to any home. These stunningly artistic pieces lend themselves perfectly to new, modern interiors and will compliment any colour scheme. From floor lamps to suspended ceiling lamps, pendants and wall lights, the range is extensive and each piece is a work of art.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has grown tremendously in popularity and now extends to far more than utilitarian security lighting. Many people choose to highlight areas of their gardens and illuminate walkways. Entrance porches, driveways, pieces of garden art, ponds and swimming pools all can be lit up to highlight a feature or to act as a deterrent to any would be burglar.

Pendant Lighting

Very popular in homes of any age, the pendant light helps to illuminate a space by bringing the light source further into the centre of a room. Usually hung from the ceiling by a flex or chain, the pendant light can be set at a height at which it is low enough to cast ample light around the room, yet high enough, to be out of the way so as not to inconvenience anyone walking within its vicinity.

Recessed Ceiling Lights

Recessed ceiling lights are a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. This is because they are easy to keep clean as there are fewer surfaces upon which dirt, dust and grime can settle. They are also very useful in rooms with low ceilings since they are non invasive. Another advantage of this style of lighting is that it does not produce shadow so, should you need perfectly even lighting throughout a room, recessed ceiling lights are the answer.


Rochamp lighting have been producing fine, decorative lighting products and decorative accessories for the past 20 years. A change in management in 2006, saw the company move in new and exciting directions to become what it is today, a supplier of some of the finest lighting products available in the UK today. Its Kutani, Dynasty, Abbey and Modern ranges will bring a sense of style and sophistication to any room.


Ryckaert offer an exciting range of typically French lighting styles featuring beautiful brass French lamps and French antique-style pendant lights. Their quality light fittings will add the finishing touches to any home finished or decorated in the French style. Not as well known as some of the more popular lighting designers such as Bella Figura, Impex and Dar, Ryckaert's style is classical, simple and elegant and includes pendants, lamps and spotlights for the kitchen, living room, dining room and study. Many of the Ryckaert lighting pieces use a brass, nickel or gold metal finish and will work well in both modern and traditional style homes.

Semi Flush Light Fittings

Semi flush light fittings split the difference between the flush light fitting and the pendant light fitting. They are ideal for those rooms that have fairly high ceilings and a reduced roof void. If you've got low ceilings in your house, bungalow or cottage, semi-flush ceiling lights will fit closer to the ceiling than pendant ceiling lights that are suspended with flex or chain. Many ceiling pendant lights and some chandeliers can be converted to semi-flush  fittings by removing the suspension cord.

Spanish Lighting

Spanish lighting is characterised by its intricate detail. Wrought iron panels are often embellished with leather, silver, ivory and ebony and this wrought iron paneling is fire burned for that authentic Spanish style. The glass used in the creation of these lamps is very rarely clear. It is often a burnished yellow colour or cream. This serves to soften the light making it easier on the eye and more attractive to look at.

Spot Lights

Typically used to concentrate light in a specific area, spot lights are task lights by another name. They can be ornate and stylish or practical and functional. Where their job is simply to provide concentrated light, they need not be as attractive as if they were on display for all to see.

Table Lamps

Table lamp bases can be made from a wide range of materials including wood, crystal, metal, ceramic and glass in contemporary and traditional styles. Well known table lamp designs include the Rochamp Kutani table lamps from Japan, made with a painted ceramic base and a high quality light fitting.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is very often found in commercial premises as it provides a simple way of re-siting lights whenever and to wherever they are needed, along a piece of ceiling mounted tracking. This tracking can be arranged in a series of straight lines or it can bend around corners making it possible to light up the sides and edges of a display cabinet, regardless of its shape.

Traditional Lighting

Traditional lighting includes any form of lighting that was popular at a given time and that has stood the test of time and remains popular today, amongst those wishing to re-create the designs and styles of that era.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are those lights that are literally mounted on the flat upright surface of a wall. They make a great addition to any lighting scheme as they produce a lovely background light which automatically takes on a softer hue of the coloured surface behind it. Wall lights can be directional, as with wall-mounted uplighters. These are designed to send out their light in an upward direction and will result in a splay of light playing on the wall above the light fitting and a pool of light being played onto the ceiling.

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